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4 Reason DIY Videos Could Harm Your Business or Be a Total Waste of Time in 2024…

Updated: Feb 29

A camera looking at Turnberry lighthouse

In today's market, every small business needs to be online and have a real presence on social media to develop their brand. The most common approach to this is to create homemade content and hopefully gain followers who can potentially be turned into real clients. But let’s be real… has that been working for you so far?

While creating some DIY video content will be the most cost-effective way of showcasing your business or event, there are some real drawbacks that you should be aware of before continuing or starting. These drawbacks could have a real impact on your business's brand and if I’m honest, make the whole process a real waste of time.

1: Time Investment.

Creating impactful and meaningful content can take time. Combining that with the commitment it takes to run a business can mean that most people don’t have the hours to sink into keeping socials up to date. This is the number one problem that most businesses have when we speak to them. Think about the weekly profit that your business makes, if this is more than the cost of hiring a professional company, it’s time to start using professionals. Time is money.

2: Quality of Content.

The first problem will always be budget. Although your phone camera has come leaps and bounds in the last few years, it still won’t come close to professional equipment. Unless you have a budget to spend on camera gear, it probably won’t look great. The last thing any company wants to do is cheapen their brand, and with DIY content, it can be very easy to do so. You are a business, not an amateur, and if a potential client sees an amateur-looking production, they are going to associate that with your brand. But don’t stress, many professional videographers in Glasgow can sort you out. Nowadays, it can be a lot more affordable to get professional content made for your business. This can really elevate your company brand and allow for a higher click rate when using targeted ads.

3: Poor Storytelling.

The most important thing in creating video content is the story that the video is trying to convey. While you might be the best in the business within your chosen field, it can be difficult to translate that knowledge into video format. We all want our content to create a strong emotional response from the viewer, but that can be extremely hard to achieve when not knowing where to start. The best way to improve on storytelling is to create storyboards before sitting down to film. Seeing your video laid out in front of you can really help develop that personal feel and showcase your brand with real purpose. If you need help or advice with your storyboards, get in touch and we can guide you through it!

4: It’s Oversaturated.

How many DIY videos pop up on your feed every day? I bet hundreds. Adding to this just means that your content gets drowned in the sea of posts. You need a way of standing out. You need to catch a viewer's attention. Recording a video on a phone and handheld gimbal isn’t going to do that. Content that’s eye-catching needs to be professional and engaging from the get-go. If you’d like some advice on how to achieve that, then all you need to do is get in touch!


Look, I’m not saying that every business should abandon DIY content. After all, it can be a cost-effective way of getting your brand out there. But having a balance of both DIY content and professional standard content is a must! This will keep your brand's social media loaded with posts that are engaging to the viewer but also keep costs down. If you’d like to chat through different ways Icon Imagery can help your brand, then please send us a text or arrange a call!

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